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    The Bun Mobile

    Where: Brisbane 4000
    Opening Hours: Changes each day
    Phone: 0401 420 922

    The nature of food is like fashion, always evolving, and now thanks to The Bun Mobile, the future is here! The food truck craze that is so strong in America and Mexico has finally come to Brisbane, and it has arrived in the form of transportable food mobile! This van is a shiny beacon of food delight. The Bun Mobile are providing the public with amazing Chinese bread ‘rolsl’ that are soft, steamed and stuffed with some great Asian inspired fillings.

    This fantastic dining experience is a two-part affair. The first stage is looking them up on Facebook or their website to find out where the mobile will be travelling on the day of your craving (which will be nearly every day). The second step is locating them amongst the streets of Brisbane and enjoying their simple and smart food. This makes the adventure all the more enjoyable!

    The first time I hunted them down was for breakfast. The twice cooked pork, hoi sin and pickled cucumber ($8) was a delight. It’s a close take on the ‘momofuku’ bun from New York which has brought this style of bread to fame. The other bun I tried was a fried egg, Kerensky sausage, lettuce and tomato relish ($8). After these two buns, I knew I had to come back the next day for lunch.

    For my lunch time craving I went back to the twice-cooked pork bun (it's that amazing), but also opted for two more from the lunch time range. These were the pork belly bun with pickled mustard greens and ginger shallot dressing ($10), which was fantastic and also the teriyaki chicken with carrot and cabbage slaw, Japanese mayo and hoi sin ($8) which was delicious, clean and fresh. If you don’t like surprises, they display what meals are on offer for the day on their website so you can have a peek at the options and prepare your order.

    The hardest thing I found was trying not to skip away like a carefree school kid (which might look very funny for this heavily tattooed man child to do). Instead I managed to hold myself together in the knowledge that The Bun Mobile will see me again before the week is out.

    By Dapper Dan



    Ideal Meal:
    Pork belly pickled mustard greens ginger shallot dressing ($10)

    Price Range:

    Chinese, street food, dude food

    Outdoor Seating:

    Good For Groups:


    Wheelchair Access:

    Takes Reservations:


    The Bun Mobile

    -27.4709331,153.0235024,The Streets of Brisbane,Brisbane 4000
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